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Tense Reflection is an action-puzzle shooter game that tests your mental agility. Solve puzzles in order to load up your ammunition against spawning enemies.


The game is based on 3 panels :

> The Shooting Panel : This is where the enemies are coming, don't waste too many bullets as you will have to complete a puzzle to reload your ammo.

>The Mirror Panel : This is where you complete puzzles in order to reload your gun/change its color. Make an energy charge pass trough three lenses before landing into the receiver. Seems simple ? We'll see about that. 

>The Color Panel : This is where you select the color of your gun, it must match with the enemies one.

Install instructions

If you have any problem with the demo, please contact me at : kommie.contact@gmail.com

If you like the demo, please follow me on Twitter :  https://twitter.com/__Kommie__


TR_DEMO_5.zip 95 MB

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